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ST4 - Mass-Spectrometry/PhosphoProteomics or Metabolomics in Turku (FI) and Vienna (AT), November 2015

Due to the high demand of measuring time on mass spectrometers, the training courses in proteomics and metabolomics were split between the teams in Vienna and Turku. This setting allowed the ESRs and ERs to carry out more hands-on work in these techniques. The training was supported by the local facilities and provided training in proteomics and phosphoproteomics in Tuku (MS-MS) and in metabolomics by GC-MS in Vienna, as well as the related data analysis and statistics. The five-day coursestook place in parallel from Nov 9th to 13thaccompanied by lectures on application of these techniques in modern systems biology. 

The experiments were specifically designed to study regulatory processes in chloroplasts at the level of metabolic acclimation to cold stress under light conditions (Vienna) or the role of protein phosphorylation in state transitions (Turku). In this way the ESRs and ERs could greatly benefit from this training for their individual projects. 


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