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Kick-off meeting

Vienna Biocenter, November 4 – 6, 2013

The kick-off meeting took place at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFPL) and the Gregor Mendel Institute of Plant Biology (GMI) at the Campus Vienna Biocenter (CVBC) at Neu Marx, located in the third district of Vienna. On Monday, November 4th, the short listed candidates were interviewed and on Tuesday, November 5th, a public symposium was held in the GMI/IMBA lecture hall where all participating groups of the network presented their ongoing work. This part was opened to all scientists in Vienna as Mini-Symposium. About 50-60 people attended this symposium, which provided a fruitful basis for discussions and many future collaborations. The third day was in the morning devoted to administrative issues and detailed planning of the first courses and the future network meetings, and the afternoon of the third day of the meeting was used to visit the industrial partner ecoduna in Bruck/Leitha. Prof. Bernhard Grimm (Humboldt University Berlin) attended the meeting as member of our scientific advisory board as well as Dr.Martin Trtilek, the CEO of the associated partner PSI in Drasov (CZ).






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