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Industry-relevant skill training (ST) 1 in Gent in March 2014


The industrial skills training course was done by Bayer Crop-Science in Gent from March 24 to 28 together with the ITN MERIT, to expand the networking possibilities among the fellows. Contributions from across CropScience enabled the participants to receive career-relevant training in a number of different aspects. This included presentations, discussions and hands-on activities from experts from the Market & Competitive Intelligence, Intellectual Property, Technology Licensing, Research Liaison Management, Research, Regulatory Affairs and Market Acceptance Departments. During one day of this course the researchers visited the plant breeding company Nunhems (see picture) and received deeper insights in the plant breeding business. Furthermore, the students benefited from the external perspective of one of the founders of plant biotechnology, Marc Van Montagu, during a lecture and subsequent discussion of acceptance of GMO plants. 



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