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International conference Plant Organellar Signaling 2015, September 16-20 in Primošten (HR)

From September 16-20 the international FEBS workshop "Plant Organellar Signalling" (http://www.plant-organellar-signaling.eu/)was organized by Ute Vothknecht from the LMU Munich together with Markus Teige from the University of Vienna. This workshop was attended by more than 100 participants with 83 participants from Europe & Turkey, 5 participants from USA & Canada & South America, 3 participants from Australia, 20 participants from Asia, and 1 participant from Africa. The Workshop has addressed a wide range of aspects of organellar signalling at all levels of organismic organization, ranging from single molecules to systemic responses induced by abiotic and biotic factors such as light, environmental stress or pathogens. It brought together leading experts from various fields, including plant cell biology, physiology, molecular biology and biochemistry, who work at the forefront of organellar research. Particular emphasis was placed on the role of organellar phosphorylation and calcium signalling, the role of chloroplasts in defense to pathogens as well as the recent advances in the understanding of different retrograde signalling pathways. In addition to invited lectures and short talks given by senior scientist, many PhD and recent Post-Docs were invited to give short oral presentations on their research and they also acted as sessions chairs. Poster sessions provided an additional venue especially for young scientists to present their data and for intensive discussions between participants. All sessions were chaired by CALIPSO ESRs/ERs, bringing a great visibility to the scientific community.

 Link to the conference homepage: http://www.plant-organellar-signaling.eu/


Group foto after the Organellar Signalling meeting in Primosten, September 20th, 2015.


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