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MTR Meeting, July 16-17 2015 in Paris (FR)

The Mid-Term-Review (MTR) meeting was organized by Angela Falciatore and was hosted by the UPMC Paris at the Villa Modigliani, 13, rue Delambre - 75014 Paris. The first day of the meeting was devoted to in depth discussions of scientific progress of the fellow’s projects and to plan upcoming secondments and their contribution to the last network events. Moreover administrative issues on the organization of the last courses, the international conference in September and outreach activities were discussed followed by discussions of the fellow’s updated PCD plans in parallel sessions. At the second day, Professor Daniel Scherman (Directeur de l’UTCBS, Université Paris Descartes – Chimie ParisTech) joined the meeting as scientific advisor of the REA for the general progress reports from the coordinator and the fellows. In addition, Matthew Hannah participated at the meeting as member of the SAB from Bayer CropScience.


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