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Outreach activities

To promote the activities of CALIPSO to a general public, the network initiated and contributed to a wide range of outreach activities, which covered network-wide as well as specific activities of individual researchers. For example, CALIPSO ESRs/ERs wrote an article for a general interest newspaper (Ieco Clarinin 2014, presented CALIPSO as example for the promotion of young European scientists through Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions at the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) Colloquium in 2014 in Hakone, Japan, or guided visitors in the biological laboratory at ecoduna at the open house day in August 2014. In February 2015, the ZDF made a documentary about algae including activities of ecoduna.


In May 2015 many CALIPSO researchers prepared experiments and actively participated at the Fascination of Plants Day that covered a lot of different activities at many different places all over Europe. CALIPSO researchers contributed to these activities in Vienna (AT), Durham (UK), Geneva (CH) and Turku (FI). In Vienna, This event was jointly organized by the University of Vienna and the GMI and widely accepted by the public. "Making the invisible visible," was the motto of this family event with exciting hands-on experimental workshops, guided tours, and an international root-race at the flourishing Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna, located in the 3rd district. More than 500 people were excited and fascinated by the deep scientific insights. Particularly the hands-on experiments that could be carried out by children at the CALIPSO stand were highly frequented.


The Fascination of Plants Day 2015 in Austria: http://plantday.org/austria.htm#262


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